It is preferredto be a reliablecompanybytakingplace in allareasthatcreateaddedvalue in theagriculturalsector, in linewithcustomerneeds.


To provide the highest benefit to the agricultural sector with sustainabilitya wareness and to create added value for the society and producers.


Customer Orientation: To maximize customer satis faction by trying to meet customer demand sand expectations completely.

Superior Business Ethics: To be honestand open in our commercial and social relations.

Respect for the environment and society: To me etall the legal requirements on the environment, to control, reduce and prevent the elements that may cause environmental pollution.

Resource Management and Productivity: By optimizing all kinds of resources in all processes, to ensure sustainable development bygiving priority to efficiency.

Training and Technical Support: To ensure the participation of our dealers at every stage of our activities, to share the information, to work with the consciousness of not us, to improve the spirit of team work.

Tosupport R & D activities, to try and develop the potential of new products by hand with our technical staff and farmers.